Our Services

Our skilled team has more than a decade of experience establishing and growing top-notch military and veteran education programs to provide assessment, consulting and training services to all institutions of higher education, as well as connecting prospective military and veteran affiliated students with the best prepared schools.

Online Self-Paced Training

We ensure that faculty and staff consistently meet a higher standard for educating and serving military and veteran affiliated students. SynergEd offers a customized training plan based on the educational institution’s compliance assessment results in order to optimize and meet performance goals. We provide interactive web delivery similar to an online classroom environment with grades for tracking progress. This training is provided once the assessment is complete. In addition, it is offered for new staff or as a refresher for current staff members. Secret shopper spot checks will be conducted annually and provide a means for educational institutions to identify where and who requires additional training.

Training courses include:

  • Admissions Training
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Support
  • Transfer Credit
  • Placement and Career Services

Certified institutions qualify for placement on OneKlickAway.com, SynergEd’s premiere military education lead provider. It directs serious prospective military and veteran affiliated students interested in pursuing a quality post-secondary program of education only to the institutions of higher education certified by SynergEd and committed to ethical and fair standards to protect students from aggressive marketing. All inquiry submittals proceed through a double opt-in process after they are matched to the degree program, campus, and delivery method they desire to ensure only serious students reach our institution’s doorstep. This process was designed to create a verified “balanced” playing field for truly committed schools to compete for only the most qualified and serious student candidates. Not only is traffic directed straight to the website via media efforts, but OneKlickAway.com also gathers qualified inquiries from educational briefings and aggregation efforts. Institutions must pass the program assessment on an annual basis to be included on the OneKlickAway.com website.


SynergEd will conduct an institution-wide, multifaceted assessment of the school’s military and veteran affiliated student processes, policies, programs and services. Assessments include results from secret shoppers, policy review and interview sessions with appropriate contacts at each institution. We know that having a military program is a choice for schools. We understand that to run one well may require a little help. Through the assessment, you’re able to identify the positive benefits as well as areas for improvement which exist. Example areas the assessment includes are:

  • Compliance with Department of Defense (DOD) Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Public Law 112-249 and Executive Order Principles of Excellence (POE) Requirements
  • Admissions department and performance with this student group
  • Financial Aid Department and performance with this student group
  • Military transcript evaluation and transfer credits
  • Military- and veteran-affiliated student support services

After completing the comprehensive assessment, SynergEd will deliver results and provide system-wide recommendations for improving and growing the program by incorporating identified successful policies and practices.

SynergEd will work with school leadership or designated staff to establish relationships with key external stakeholders at agencies, groups and organizations to promote the school’s programs and services and foster positive communication. We understand it’s important to not only establish military education programs at certified institutions, but also provide partnership and advocacy efforts on behalf of those institutions to extend beyond the classroom and education term. When students graduate, they’ll still face on-going legislation that affects their everyday lives. SynergEd certified schools have access to consulting services with associations, including but not limited to, Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), State Approving Agencies (SAAs), U.S. Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, and other relevant offices and committees on Capitol Hill.

Palmer Government Relations is the organization which SynergEd partners with to actively provide results to our clients.

Continuing Efforts

Annual Assessment

To ensure that schools continue to live up to the SynergEd standard and remain compliant with the most current regulations, schools will be reassessed annually. This process:

  • Mirrors the initial assessment and certification process
  • Will be modified, as additional guidance from DOD and VA is released
  • Utilizes secret shoppers and student feedback will be taken into account
  • Revalidates the school for certification and continued access to OneKlickAway.com or initiates retraining in the specified, deficient areas


SynergEd will work with school leadership or designated staff to establish relationships with key external stakeholders at agencies, groups and organizations  on Capital Hill to promote the school’s programs and foster positive communications with all involved.